Charity Of The Month

We believe that giving back is crucial in our world today, whether it is giving economically, socially or environmentally.

Our customer's values, needs and missions are important to us. One of our missions, is to help serve and meet those needs. Our goal is to contribute in as many ways as possible.

Each month Sustainable Threads Boutique will choose a charity that one of our Facebook Followers has nominated and will give that charity a donation of $1 from the sale of every item sold, during that month.  If a Promotional Item(s) has been purchased specifically to benefit that charity, $2 from the sale of those items will be donated. This can be a local charity in the Follower's community or a national organization. (All charities will be researched and verified prior to announcing as a Charity of the Month) In the event a charity is not nominated/chosen or unable to verify its actual existence and/or mission, Sustainable Threads Boutique will choose a charity for that month.

Be sure to find us and "Like" our Facebook Page 
Sustainable Threads Boutique and nominate your favorite charity to join our mission to help give back!