Our Story

From Founder LeAnn Sexton

I've had a love affair with clothing for as long as I can remember. 

The beauty of the fabrics, patterns and colors. As I became older, that love grew.

I wanted to put outfits together, wear shapes that would make my body look different, wear colors that made me happy and that complimented my skin tone. Fashion made me want to get dressed in the morning and I wanted to feel amazing once I put that outfit on. Then, sometimes the dreaded closet meltdown would begin.

You know what I am talking about, "I have closet full of clothes and nothing to wear" meltdowns.

Finally, I figured out the secret to looking how I wanted to look, what my style was and how to create a wardrobe that I love, allowed me to get dressed quickly, look chic and sophisticated and love my closet.

Hello Capsule Wardrobe!

From just a few pieces I can create outfit after outfit, get dressed quick and know I look amazing, every single time.

Online shopping can be better

There are many factors to be considered when purchasing an item of clothing, without being able to physically try it on.

How do you know how an item will fit your body? Just about every website lists size charts, but do you really know your particular measurements? Where will those jeans actually hit my waist? Will this blouse fit my bust and not gap? Are the arms on that jacket going to be tight when I try to reach above my head? 

These are all questions we've had at one time or another, when we've purchased something online. It is not only frustrating, but can cause extreme anxiety to the point that you just give up. 

7 pieces of quality women's clothing to create 11 complete looks that make up our Return to the Office Capsule Wardrobe Collection

Take the questions out of purchasing clothing online.

We are a "hands on" boutique, that truly cares about our customers experience.  We want you to have the same feeling of when you purchase a piece of our clothing, that you have inside a brick & mortar location. 

Excitement, satisfaction and confident that what you put on your body makes you feel amazing ~ Every. Single. Time.

Understand that we are here to help guide you towards pieces that will accentuate, minimize or hide any part of your body, without causing added frustration or anxiety. Our goal is to remove the dislike most women have about shopping for themselves.