Why Sustainable Threads Boutique?

Some of you may be wondering why I named my boutique, Sustainable Threads.  Sustainable fashion is on the rise because more and more people want to help keep our water systems safe, choose eco-friendly options in their daily routines and help preserve the Earth, just in general.


Sustainable clothing and sustainable practices can help you do all of that and more.  So here are some sustainable fashion tips to help move you closer to doing your part:

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 Just like when you recycle your trash and waste, recycle your clothes. According to roadrunnerwm.com 84% of clothing ends up in landfills or incinerators. (approx. 14 million tons people)

  • Choose Sustainable Clothing
  • When I was looking for items to carry in the boutique, this was one thing I focused on.  I spent hours researching and looking for companies that had sustainable practices, used sustainable materials or cut-to-order their pieces.  Cut-to-order means they only cut and produce pieces that customers pre-order.  This cuts down on manufacturer waste and helps slow down the fashion industry, as a whole.

    Fair Trade Leopard Bomber and Cut-to-order joggers
  • Quality vs. Quantity
  • Invest your money in quality pieces over an abundance.  Stylists use to encourage people “if you find a piece you love, buy it in every color”.  Can you really wear all of those pieces and get the wear out of them? Choose pieces that are quality made and that are classic in style and they will stand the test of time.  Take the price of the clothing and divide it by how many wears you will get in 1 year and then divide that again on how many years you will keep that said item.  I bet it is more affordable than you think.

    I have compiled a variety of these practices and more into my boutique.  I want to help contribute and do my part to help slow down the fashion industry, when it comes to the fast fashion rat race. If we all just make a few changes, we can accomplish a lot in this world.


    Clean Black Moto Jacket


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