Every one of us has a mother with unique qualities. Whether she can bake the perfect cake for your birthday, could always brush your hair to make that cow lick lay just right or throw anything on from her closet and look like she stepped out of the pages of Vogue Magazine.  This is what makes her your Mom and there is no one else like her.

Most mothers will tell you they don’t need a thing, but this year sending Mom (or grandmother, aunt, sister, wife or even yourself) a gift will be well received and appreciated.  I have put together a list of unique gift giving ideas, that includes other small businesses, that any mother would be thrilled and delighted to receive on the one day that is all about her.

  • Sustainable Denim
  • Who knew this was such a thing? I guarantee your eco-friendly mom did! She has been sourcing her clothing from responsible, environmentally friendly retailers for years. She rarely purchases new clothing, but when she does, it is because she needs it.  This mom  wants to make sure she isn’t contributing to the destruction of our planet by purchasing what is referred to as “fast fashion”. She is all about eco-friendly production, low-impact dying, upcycling natural materials and purchasing clothing items second-hand.  That is why this mom would be so proud that she raised a child that understood her values and purchased her a gift that is for the greater good.  Choose the perfect pair of sustainable denim from this small business, https://sustainablethreadsboutique.com/ and watch mom put on her “proud Mom” badge!

    Sustainable Denim Abby  Sustainable Black Denim
    Sustainable Denim Girlfriend

  • Luxury, Handmade Swimwear
  • So, I know you are thinking, WHAT, purchase a swimsuit for my Mom?? Hear me out. Your Mom is still a woman and women love to feel good about themselves on the inside and out. Purchasing a suit from https://hellatl.com/ will not only make her look fabulous, she knows that this swimsuit is made of quality materials including organic ink and your purchase was handmade with love and care by a real person and not a fast fashion retail chain. 

    Hella TL Swimwear

  • All Natural Goat Milk Body Products
  • Your eco-friendly Mom will love this gift! All natural and fresh from a farm in North Texas, you can choose a relaxing goat milk bath bomb or bath soak, skin soothing goat milk balm, ultra moisturizing goat milk bar soap or one of their product kits to pamper your mom, this Mother’s Day.   Your eco-friendly mom will love how https://www.oliviatyesoap.com/ uses only natural ingredients and essential oils to turn her bathroom into an aromatherapy room, that she can enjoy time and time again.

    Olivia Tye Soap Etsy StoreOlivia Tye Soap Etsy Shop Bundle

  • Natural Relief from  Pain, Stress and Tension 
  • What woman doesn’t have aches & pains, insomnia or pure exhaustion, just from being well….a Mom? Give mom’s daily moisturizer a serious upgrade with botanical creams from  https://berootedin.com/  Infused with magnesium, adaptogenic herbs and pure botanical extracts, these revolutionary creams provide the ultimate selfcare experience for mom.  Rooted In’s 3 powerful formulas can help her sleep deeper, stress less and alleviate her sore, tight muscles. Plus, they’re natural, non-toxic and vegan.  These moisturizers are what your mother has been looking for, all her life (or since she had children, anyway).  


  • Ocean Inspired Decor and Jewelry
  • Our oceans are the most important things we have on this earth. They contain ecosystems we need to survive and they help regulate our climate in many ways. If your mom is serious about being eco-friendly and sustainable, I am betting her main focus is saving our oceans.  Give your mom a gift that shows you know just how important this cause is to her. 

    Choosing a customized piece from Seaside Serenity Creations https://www.seasideserenitycreations.com/  will remind your mom the feeling she gets each time she visits the ocean. Hand crafted designs and one-of-a-kind pieces, will show your mom just how unique she is to you. 

    Seaside Serenity CreationsSeaside Serenity Creations anklet

  • Noha Nadler Handbags  www.nohanadler.com
  • When I was a little girl, I admired my own mother getting dressed up for dinner parties while carefully selecting curated accessories from her trips around the world.  Today, as a mom of 4, life is beyond busy and hectic.  Mom’s, like you, tend to take the back seat to fulfill the needs of her family.  Noha Nadler handbags are designed for women who are looking for beautiful, thoughtfully designed handbags that will not only look good, but feel good. Our mission is to provide quality craftsmanship made in Los Angeles,  using sustainable materials that will last a lifetime.  Key features include versatility, mulit-funcional and uber light-weight bags that will elevate your look while wearing your go- to yoga pants or quality jeans from Sustainable Threads Boutique.  


    Noha Nadler Handbags


    •   Outdoor Adventure Mat for Baby

    If your eco-friendly momma has a little one, she’s going to want to share her love of the outdoors with her baby.  There’s no better way than with one of the Adventure Mats from A to Z Adventure Gear.  The family that plays together stays together!  

    A to Z Play Mat


    So, if you are struggling to figure our what on earth to get that amazing woman in your life, why not shop with one of these small businesses? You would be supporting women who are wanting to make a difference with our planet, environment and future.