Our Boutique Is Changing!

Have you noticed a change? A change in our weather, a change in our seasons, a change in our way of thinking? I have and it is with these changes that I have decided to make some changes myself!

Slow fashion is the only way forward and I am just beginning to travel this road.  As I learn more about how fast fashion affects our environment, not to mention our daily lives, I would love to take you along my journey.  I want to find and offer you sustainable and eco-friendly designs that are unique, but yet, stylish.  Designs that reflect the real you, the you inside of you. 

Keep in mind that I am not one of those women who is a minimalist when it comes to clothing.  Rarely, do I dress in all one color or without jewelry or accessories.   I like unique pieces with one-of-a kind details or wear a piece of clothing that showcases a beautiful print that an artisan designed.  It is going to be challenging to find these items, that have been created with sustainable materials and/or fabrics or that have been ethically sourced because there is so little available in the US.  It is expensive for these small companies to create and manufacturer clothing is this manner, therefore, most companies go for the easy and cheapest way possible to develop their garments. I am willing to take on the challenge to seek out these small businesses and create a boutique that I feel confident in the pieces I offer to you, my customer, that will follow and meet your guidelines, ethics and values when it comes to saving our waterways, environment and planet.

Join our mailing list and take this journey with me as I change my inventory, way of thinking about fashion and to reflect what this boutique was created to do; show women a better way to shop sustainably.