Sustainability Isn't Boring Anymore

High-quality and luxury clothing for the woman who wants to help do her part in changing the future of the fashion industry, by shopping sustainably. 

Boutique customer service, hand-chosen items, sourced from ethical factories and items manufactured in the USA, offering extended sizing to help every woman build a sustainable wardrobe, one piece at a time. ( Some items found in our Sale Collection may not be fully sustainable, but it is our goal to move our boutique to full sustainable and ethical made pieces.)

We want every woman to feel confident that when she shops with our boutique, she is getting a well-crafted piece that she can wear time and time again.

Why We Love Our Denim

Sustainable and innovative fabric combined with hardware that has been created by significant reductions in the use of water, energy and hazardous chemicals. 

Each style will provide a QR code that will take you on a journey.